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Poison Prevention

A poison is something that can make you sick if you swallow it, taste it, smell it, get it on your skin, or get it in your eye. It can be a drug or a non-drug substance. Children 5 and younger are more at risk for poisonings because they like to explore the world by putting things in their mouths.


To help protect your child, no matter their age, from poisons:

  • Always keep medication, cleaning products and other toxins in their original, child-resistant, labelled packaging. Never store non-food toxic products in old food containers, or in places where food would normally be (like the fridge).
  • Do not rely on “child proof” or “child resistant” packaging alone. Given enough time and opportunity, children as young as 2 have been able to open these containers and access the contents.
  • Always store medication, cleaning products, and other toxins in locked, high, or other places that young children will not be able to reach.
  • Keep your handbag (and those of your guests) up high and out of reach of young children. There are many items commonly carried in purses that could injure a child (e.g. nicotine products, pills, hand sanitizers, cosmetics).
  • If you use alcohol or cannabis products of any kind, keep them locked up.


If you know or even suspect that your child has eaten or drank a poison, call for advice immediately. In NS, NB, PEI and NL, call  1-844-POISONX (1-844-764-7669).

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