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Consumer Product Safety

If a product is available in Canada, does that mean it’s safe or has been tested for safety? Not necessarily. There are some products—like toys for young children, that are regulated. But there are many other products, even ones aimed at kids, that have no regulations or standards they have to meet. So, often, the responsibility rests on you, as a parent, to make sure the products you buy for your kids don’t pose safety risks.


Unregulated products

Some items that could be real hazards for kids rely on parents for their safe use. If you buy one of these for your kids, be aware of how to use them safely. Unregulated products include:

  • bath seats
  • trampolines
  • bunk beds


Regulated products

In Canada, toys must meet safety requirements that are intended to protect children from injury and death. For example, toys for kids under 3 cannot be sold in Canada if they are small or contain small parts as they may pose as choking hazards. Also, toys must have no sharp edges or points. There are also strict regulations for:

  • cribs
  • strollers
  • baby gates
  • playpens


Consumer Product Safety Act

The federal government’s Canada Consumer Product Safety Act is meant to protect the public by addressing or preventing dangers to human health or safety posed by consumer products in Canada. It applies to suppliers of consumer products in Canada, including manufacturers, importers, distributors, advertisers and retailers.


Health Canada and consumer product safety

Health Canada provides information and services on consumer products, including recalls and alerts, cosmetic information, and product safety education. Visit the Consumer Products and Cosmetics website to:

  • check for product recalls. The website lists products recalled by the manufacturer due to concerns with safety.
  • find more information on the safety and requirements of consumer products.
  • report an incident where a consumer product or cosmetic caused an injury.
  • report an unsafe product if you’re out shopping and see a product you think is a concern or is banned, like yo-yo balls or baby walkers. 

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