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Toy Safety

Playing with toys is such an important part of your child’s physical and mental development. It’s especially enjoyable—and a bonding opportunity—if you join in and play with your child. But many toys—especially ones that are inappropriate for your child’s age—can be a safety concern. Here are some ways to make sure toys remain fun and educational, not dangerous.


Toy safety tips for your kids


Keep the battery door closed tight and screwed closed on toys, remotes, and other things that use batteries. If a child swallows a battery it can cause burning, corrosion, or completely destroy the tissue in the upper digestive tract.



Follow the age recommendations on labels when buying toys for your child. Age recommendations are all about safety, not the ability of your child—so don’t be tempted to buy toys with an older age recommendation.


Size test

Do the toilet paper roll test: if a toy is small enough to fit inside the roll, it’s too small to give to children under three years old.



Send in the warranty card (if applicable). This way you’ll be notified if there is a product recall. Check for product recalls on a regular basis.



Make sure that toys and play equipment are put together based on manufacturer directions. Avoid toys with magnets or batteries if you have small children.


Active supervision

Keep an eye on your child during playtime to make sure they’re having fun and interacting with the toy as intended. Have fun!

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