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The Right Seat

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“The Right Seat” resources and how to use them: 


The purpose of these resources is to support child passenger safety education for families in multiple languages and for families who may experience low literacy.

These resources include a short, educational video and print resource presenting basic information from the original “Is your child in the right seat” postcard in English and 8 additional languages: French, Arabic, Mi’kmaq, Mandarin Chinese, Nepalese, Swahili, Somali and Tigrinya.


If you have not already filled out this brief survey about how you currently provide child passenger safety education to families who speak multiple languages and/or who experience low literacy, please do! 



How to use these resources

Download a “How To” guide here: currently available in English


The videos

Each video is between 4 and 7 minutes long and helps the viewer determine if a child is in the right safety seat in a vehicle. Basic tips for how to use each type of seat are also presented. Each video has been reviewed by interpreters and community partners to ensure they are culturally appropriate for the community who speaks each language. The images in these videos are of local families. The video, in each of 9 languages, can be found in the following YouTube playlist.


The print resources

Each print resource covers the same points as the video and can be printed with English on one side and each additional language on the other side. The print resource is intended to support an English speaker assisting a caregiver in the other language.


English postcard Arabic postcard Somali postcard
French postcard Simplified Chinese postcard Swahili postcard
Mi’kmaq postcard Nepalese postcard Tigrinya postcard

These resources are designed to support you and the important work you to do to promote child passenger safety and prevent injury. Some suggested ways to share this resource include:


Additional Resources for Families can be found at this link: Child Passenger Safety Resources 


Do you have questions or need support?  Child Safety Link is here for you.


Call us anytime at 902-470-7324 or email katherine.hutka@iwk.nshealth.ca.