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Talking Postcard

The Right Seat Talking Postcard Resources 

The purpose of these resources is to support child passenger safety education for families in multiple languages and for families who may experience low literacy.

These resources include a short, educational video and print resource presenting basic information from the original “Is your child in the right seat” postcard in English, French & Mi’kmaq.

How to use these resources

Download a “How To” guide in English / French

Child Safety Link hosted a webinar about the new “The Right Seat” resources and how to use these resources to support families on Sept 10, 2021.  Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss possible next steps in using these resources.

The recording of this webinar can be viewed on YouTube at the following link:

The videos

Each video is between 4 and 5 minutes long and helps the viewer determine if a child is in the right safety seat in a vehicle. Basic tips for how to use each type of seat are also presented. The images in these videos are of local families. The video, in English, French and Mi'kmaq can be found in the following YouTube playlist. 

play all






The print resources

Each print resource covers the same points as the video and can be printed with English on one side and each additional language on the other side. The print resource is intended to support an English speaker assisting a caregiver in the other language. 

English Mi’kmaq French Wolastoqey

These resources are designed to support you and the important work you to do to promote child passenger safety and prevent injury. Some suggested ways to share this resource include:

  • Add a session on child safety topics at the end of a parenting or pre-natal group, where you can present this and other resources. Contact us or visit our website for more resources on child passenger safety and other safety topics.
  • Home visitors and parenting support programs can use these resources to supplement child and youth safety programming.
  • If your organization provides free or subsidized car seats, schedule a few minutes to watch the video with families and answer any questions they might have. Remember, you can call our toll-free line for support. We will always get back to you within 48 hours.


This poster is available in 11 x 17 prints by request

talking postcard poster Mi'kmaq English


talking postcard poster English French



Do you have questions or need support?  Child Safety Link is here for you.

Email us at or call 1-866-288-1388, extension 1 (toll-free in Atlantic Canada)

Child Safety Link would like to thank the Insurance Bureau of Canada for their invaluable support in the creation of these resources.

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