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Katherine Hutka with 10 year old child in booster seat

Parachute and Child Safety Link partner to promote car seat safety during Safe Kids Week

Child Safety Link (CSL) is excited to be partnering for National Safe Kids Week this year with Parachute, Canada's national charity dedicated to injury prevention. The goal of this year’s campaign, which takes place from May 29 to June 4, is to raise awareness of the importance of car seat safety and to promote the use of the correct car seat for each child's age, height, and weight on every ride.

Recognizing CSL as the leading national expert on car seat safety, Parachute has worked with them to create the theme "Is Your Child in the Right Seat?" for this year's safety campaign. Parachute expanded the information offered on their website to include a whole new section of CSL resources that have been co-branded, including a variety of fact sheets and instructional videos in English, French and seven additional languages. The hope is that this newly-developed suite of accessible resources will be able to support safe transportation for families and caregivers.

Katherine Hutka, health promotion specialist with Child Safety Link, expressed her pride in being recognized by Parachute as the leading expert on child passenger safety in Canada. She stated, "We're really proud to be a part of this national concerted effort to advocate for increased car seat laws. Child Safety Link has provided high-quality education on child passenger safety to Atlantic Canadians for many years and it feels great that our work will now be used to help families across Canada.”

According to a Canadian roadside study, 99 per cent of children were buckled up, but 73 per cent of car seats were either used or installed incorrectly. Furthermore, 30 per cent of children in booster seats did not meet the legal weight minimum, and 52 per cent of children in seat belts did not fit safely without a booster seat. This study emphasizes the importance of using the correct car seat and installing it properly to protect children from injuries in the event of a car crash.

The car seat market has changed over the years, and it has become more challenging to determine whether a child is in the right seat. Hutka said, "We have evidence that shows parents in Nova Scotia are moving their children through the car seat stages too quickly. Car seat laws often don’t reflect ‘best practice’ and recent evidence-based data, as laws are moved so slowly in the court system. Our biggest concern is that car seats are not required by law in taxis and ride-share vehiclesand the risk is the same as in any other car, van or SUVwhich puts vulnerable children at greater risk of injury and death.”

The campaign is particularly important because counterfeit car seats are being sold through established online retailers, and many parents lack knowledge on how to use and/or install car seats. In Canada, car crashes are a leading cause of death and injury to children. By using the right car seat in the right way, the risk of injury can be reduced by up to 82 per cent, and the risk of death can be reduced by up to 71 per cent.

It is crucial to ensure that correct information regarding car seat safety is shared across the country. That's where trailblazers in child passenger safety, such as CSL, come in. By partnering with CSL, Parachute is advocating for increased car seat laws and promoting best practices for car seat safety. With more knowledge and awareness of the importance of car seat safety, we can work towards reducing the number of child injuries and fatalities from car crashes in Canada.

Watch CTV Morning live, Monday June 5th at 7:45 am for an upcoming media segment on Safe Kids Week! 

Register for a free webinar "Car Seat Misuse: Common The Risks They Pose" on June 7 at 11am Atlantic time at this link:…

Child Safety Link would like to thank the Insurance Bureau of Canada for their invaluable support for child passenger safety initiatives, including the creation of "The Right Seat" videos in 9 languages. 


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