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Amber Teething Necklaces

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Amber Teething Necklaces


Child Safety Link does not recommend the use of amber teething necklaces on children under 3 years old because they pose both a strangulation and a choking risk. Young children can be and have been seriously injured by these necklaces.


What is an amber teething necklace?

Amber teething necklaces are marketed as a natural pain reliever for children who are teething.  They are designed to be worn by children between the ages of three months and two years.  Marketers of amber teething necklaces claim that the necklaces release succinic acid*, that when warmed up against a child’s skin, acts as a natural pain reliever. However, amber teething necklaces have not been scientifically proven to relieve any symptoms associated with pain. 


In addition, these necklaces are also being marketed as “safe” because they are knotted between each bead, and the beads are small (raisin-sized). These features are giving many parents a false sense of security about this product. Child Safety Link would like to remind parents and caregivers that just because a product is “natural,” it does not mean it is safe to use.


Child Safety Link recommends the following:

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* What is succinic acid? Succinic acid is naturally found in all living things. It is often used to manufacture various products such as perfumes, dyes and lacquers. It is also found in many foods and is used as a food additive.