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Dashing Through the Snow (Holiday Travel Safety Tips)


Dashing Through the Snow

(AKA Holiday Travel Safety Tips)


We may not be travelling by sleigh – but many of us will be dashing through the snow to visit family and friends this holiday season.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your family safe on Maritime roads:


  1. Be ready for winter driving.
    Make sure your tires, wipers and fluids are made for ice and snow. Scrape the windows and clear ice and snow off your car before driving. Carry an emergency kit and a shovel.  Keep these things in the trunk so that they won’t fly around in a sudden stop or crash.


  1. Do not be distracted by your phone or other passengers.
    No text message or phone call is worth the risk.


  1. Dress your child in light layers to keep them warm and safe in the car.
    Snowsuits and bulky winter clothes can keep a car seat from doing its job. A fleece coat can keep your child warm without being too bulky under the harness or seat belt.  You can add blankets over top, after your child is safely buckled. Add hats, mitts and boot and bring the snowsuit along for fun in the snow after you arrive safely!


  1. Make sure family and friends know how to keep your child safe in the car.
    Will your child be staying with friends or family this holiday? Make sure that grandparents and aunties know how to use the car seat or booster seat to keep your child safe when visiting.


  1. Keep visiting children safe in your car.
    Are you expecting visitors over the holidays? Remember that it is your responsibility as the driver to make sure that everyone is safely buckled in the right seat. Keep an extra booster seat in the trunk for times when you may need to drive a big kid who may not have one. Make your car a place where all kids ride safely.


  1. Make sure that all adults are buckled at all times.
    Sometimes adults forget that they need to wear their seat belt – even for short rides! Your kids are safer when everyone is buckled up.


  1. Watch out for high snow banks when driving.
    Walk around your car before you leave the driveway and always check for children playing.


Child Safety Link would like to wish your family a safe and happy holiday season!