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Harness Your Child Tight

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Harness Your Child Tight for Every Ride


Forward Facing


Check that the harness is snug – you can fit only one finger under the harness on your child’s chest.


The chest clip is level with your child’s armpits.


For forward facing, the harness is in the shoulder slot level with or above the child’s shoulders.


The harness straps are flat, no twists.


Thin fleece snowsuits are better than the thick, slippery material snowsuits. Thick snowsuits are not recommended because they will not allow the harness to be tight.



Booster Seat


If you are using a booster seat (your child weighs a minimum of 40 lbs. or 18 kg), a lap and shoulder belt is needed to secure your child.


The lap belt will stay low and snug on the child’s hip bones.


The shoulder belt will be across the chest and rest between the child’s neck and shoulder.


If you are using a simple booster seat – a booster seat without a back, make sure your child has the head and neck support from vehicle seat’s headrest.


For more information on your car seat or booster seat check your car seat instructions. If you do not have the instruction booklet call the manufacturer for a copy of the instructions. The phone number should be on your car seat.