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Install your Car Seat

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Install Your Car Seat


Read the instructions for your car seat. Every car seat model is different. It is important that you know how your car seat works.


Read the instructions for your car. Every car is different and how the car seats are installed into cars has changed over the years.


Tips for Installing Your Car Seat


Install your car seat or use your booster seat in the back seat of your car.


Forward Facing


The seat will not be in the reclined position; it will be upright.


The car seat’s tether strap must be attached to your car’s tether bolt. Your car owner’s manual will tell you where the bolts are located in your vehicle. If you do not have a tether bolt in your car, you need to have one installed by your car’s dealership.


You will install the car seat in the car by using one of the following:




Lap & Shoulder Seat Belt


Lap Belt


Booster Seat


If you are using a combination car seat – a seat that is both a forward facing car seat that can also become a booster seat – refer to your instructions. Most combination seats require you to remove the harness and the tether strap.


Visit the following link for additional information: Harness Your Child Tight


For more information check the videos below.