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Choose a Safe Seat

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Is Your Car Seat Safe to Use?


Check that your car seat is approved for use in Canada. You will find the National Safety Mark on the car seat.

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Check that your car seat has not expired. Some seats have an expiry date on the seat. If you cannot find an expiry date on your seat, refer to this notice by Transport Canada. If your seat is expired it is unsafe to use.


Has your car seat been in a car that was in a crash? If your car seat has been in a crash it is unsafe to use.


Check to see if a public notice (recall) or consumer information notice has been issued about your seat from Transport Canada.


Read the instruction book for your car seat. If you do not have the instruction book call the manufacturer for a copy. The phone number should be on your car seat.


Register your car seat with the manufacturer – send in the registration card. You will be notified if your car seat is recalled.


Is Your Car Seat Borrowed or Purchased Second Hand?


If the car seat is borrowed or purchased second hand it is important that you know the history (Is it expired? Was it in a crash? Is it recalled?). See information above.


You should have the instructions for the seat. You can register the seat by calling the manufacturer.


For more information check the videos below.