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15 Years Later, Prevention Still Matters


15 Years Later,

Prevention Still Matters

~A blog celebrating Child Safety Link’s 15th Anniversary

of Children’s Injury Prevention in the Maritimes~

by Sandra Newton, Manager of Child Safety Link


Prevention matters to all of us. When we, our friends, or family are injured, it often becomes the most important focus in our lives. That’s why we started Child Safety Link—so there would be an organization dedicated to helping people prevent injuries in the first place.  We are not here to prevent the bumps and bruises of everyday life – in fact, those are important for a child’s learning and development! Our goal is to help reduce the incidence and severity of the serious, life-changing injuries. 


We know that injuries kill more children than all other causes combined.  We also know that each year in Atlantic Canada, 17 children under the age of 14 die due to an unintentional injury and that approximately 2069 are hospitalized. The good news is, we have made progress.  Although still high, deaths and hospitalizations have gone down over the past decade.  


Over the years, we have taken what worked in one area and applied it to others. We have created tools and strategies that can be used in communities and have advocated for stricter policies that can help protect our children. Along the way, we’ve had the good fortune of working with inspirational community groups, government departments and private sector stakeholders that have helped guide us. We have learned that it does “take a village:” that working hand in hand with these partners is truly the key to successfully reducing the incidence and severity of injuries to children and youth. 


Reflecting on our past 15 years, I am proud of the accomplishments of Child Safety Link and our partners and collaborators to keep injury prevention a priority.  Prevention is not easy, but I see the Child Safety Link team work passionately to do their very best to prevent child and youth in Atlantic Canada from getting seriously injured – in the first place.


In honour of our 15th birthday as an organization, we are celebrating the good news!  As Manager, I am excited and look to the continued progress that Child Safety Link can make over the next 15 plus years!


Our staff at Child Safety Link (missing: Ashley Holden)