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Concussion Resources

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Concussion Guidelines and Management Tools 


Concussions are complicated brain injuries. This resource section aims to help physicians, coaches, and other community professionals understand concussions.


We have compiled a list of concussion resources that include education materials, guidelines, and management tools, to ensure that you are able to provide people of all ages, who may be suffering a concussion, with the best assistance possible.


Please note the following resources are intended for educational purposes only and are not meant to substitute for medical advice or care. If you believe someone has experienced a brain injury, contact your family physician or emergency health services.


Concussion Awareness & Education:

CATT aims to standardize concussion recognition, diagnosis, treatment and management. CATT features a learner-directed online training module supplemented with resources, handouts, videos, and expert talks among many other helpful tools.


Concussion Management & Guidelines: