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How to Fit your Helmet

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How to Fit your Helmet


Bicycle helmets are recommended for biking, scootering, and in-line skating.


When skateboarding, it is recommended to wear a skateboard helmet. The design of a skateboard helmet is different as these helmets protect a larger area at the back of the head than do bike helmets, and can be good for more than one impact.


The helmet should sit comfortably on top of the head but sit low on the forehead near the eyebrow.1


The helmet should not move around if you shake your head in any way.1


Helmets should have adjustable sizing pads, chin straps to hold the helmet in place, an inner protective liner, and an outer protective shell.1


When fitting a bike or skateboard helmet it is important to follow the 2V1 Rule:


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Watch the helmet fitting video from Parachute here!




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