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Child Passenger Safety Week 2014

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Child Passenger Safety Week 2014 


Every year, Child Safety Link and our Maritime partners celebrate Child Passenger Safety Week (CPSW) with a different theme, around protecting children in vehicles.


The theme of Child Passenger Safety Week this year is “A Safe Ride for Every Child”.


Technicians and car seat advocates are encouraged to reach out to parents and communities that they may not have reached before. This may mean thinking about people who do not subscribe to your Facebook page or sign up for your clinics.  Are there barriers such as low literacy skills, speaking a language other than English, living in a rural community, or being a member of a cultural group that is different from your own that may be a reason that they have not attended one of your activities?  Try to make a connection with a new community and offer to work with community members to bring car seat safety information to a new audience.  This may take a bit of work, and you are encouraged to ask around to find out who would be the best person to contact.